Canadian Mosquitos

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This link was provided by Ken Meintzer who has a Facebook page on BCATP.

This is his introduction.

I decided to change the group name from merely Alberta to Canada as most of the photos I have acquired have been from outside of Alberta.

A group dedicated to remembering and preserving the history of the BCATP in Canada during WWII. 

There were installations built in very short order across Canada to train aircrew from all over the world to battle the Axis powers. Most of the remaining sites are being reclaimed by the prairie where they stood but a few strong reminders of the places where young men trained to fly and fight remain.

When the plan began, communities across the country fought to have one of the installations located at or near their locale. The depression years had barely ended and the prospect of having a town benefit from the economic stimulus of a BCATP training site were very attractive indeed. Sad that so much was spent to build these sites and to have so many of them completely abandoned or destroyed afterward.

Please feel free to share your interests in this subject. We would love to hear from anyone who has a story or even photos to share and help preserve the history of this plan.


One thought on “Canadian Mosquitos

  1. Hello Pierre,

    I was wondering if you would have anything on a Robert Ralph (Lucky) from the N07 B&G Dauphin Manitoba 1942-1943?. He is my father-in-law and is turning 90 on April 20th. I think he may have been an instructor His nickname Lucky was because he was shot at many times. He flew Lancasters and Bolingbrokes.
    Would appreciate anything you have!

    Best regards!

    Thank you!!!

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