Cessna No. 7862

How to put a smile on someone’s face?

Hi there,

Those are some great photos you took! This place had to be my favorite to go to on field trips as a kid. It’s really a shame I haven’t been in so long. But I do have a trip planned in. The very near future.
That Cessna, number 7862, was flown by my great-grandfather, Kenneth Knight, to train pilots during WWII.
Thank you so much for the pictures. Totally put a smile back on my face.



This reader who wrote this comment seemed to have enjoy her virtual visit to CWHM.

I never thought I would bring back good old memories of Cessna No. 7862. 

Enjoy these…, but make a plan to visit the museum sometimes.

Now if Kate wants to put a smile on my face, I would really enjoy some her great-grandfather’s pictures back in those times.


4 thoughts on “Cessna No. 7862

  1. I never flew in one of those but I will send two pictures, one taken of myself and my Instructor, Flight Sergeant Potts, in 1942 at the #2 EFTS in Harewood in New Zealand and the other taken at Chilliwack in BC, Canada, taken in January of this year. Planes are Tiger Moths and a Cessna 172. I fly the latter one from the Boundary Bay Airfield in Briish Columbia on most Sundays when the weather allows. Pictures following.

  2. Thanks for the pictures of Cessna 7862.

    I had a few hours on this type. I do not know the American designation but to the best of my knowledge they were called “Cessna Crane” when used by SFTS’s in the BCATP.

    When I was a staff pilot at #7 B&G School someone came up with the great idea that we needed upgrading and so they sent some instructors from #10 SFTS to our station with the Cessna Cranes for this purpose. You can imagine how thrilled we all were! Most of our guys had more flying hours than the visiting instructors and the ones I flew with simply said ‘go fly it around for a while and I will enjoy the scenery’.

    So much for improving our flying skills!

    Don Stevenson

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