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A few years ago, but I remember sneaking into the base to watch the wings parade ceremonies. I was the only kid ever to have the opportunity to get past the guardhouse and see what went on during those times. I got in with the help of a couple of meteorologists who lived at my parents farm house just across the road from the guardhouse. I had to keep out of sight of the brass but I had a good view from the window of a small office on the third floor of the control tower. It was during one of the last graduation ceremonies that I had the privilege to see a Lancaster bomber up close. Just before the parade, it landed and taxied up right in front of the tower. After the group got their wings, a few of them collected their kit bags, got on-board the Lanc and took off for an undisclosed destination. I was probably about six years old and the sight and sound of that monstrous thing with four thundering engines and guns pointing right at me was a truly awesome experience. Every time I see the Lancaster in the War Plane Museum at Mount Hope, it brings back that memory.


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