Spitfire pilots

I have another blog on WWII. It’s about RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

The grandson of one of the pilots has been scanning his grandfather’s logbook and photo album

As I like to say, he scans and I write.

86 articles since September 2011.

All this to pay homage to RCAF No. 403 pilots.

These are three articles I wrote last week to pay homage to some pilots who never returned home.

Greg sent me these pictures yesterday. I will post them on my other blog soon.

I just want to share them with you this morning. 

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Some pilots came back… like Walter Dove, Tommy Todd, Doug Orr, and Reg Morris.


Walter Dove

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Walter Dove and Tommy Todd

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Tommy Todd

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Doug Orr

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Reg Morris

Collection Walter Neil Dove

But some died.

Click here for the first article, then here for the second and here for the third.

Lest we forget.


One thought on “Spitfire pilots

  1. Reblogged this on Lest We Forget II and commented:

    More than 132,353 hits on my first blog Lest We Forget.
    Not many on Lest We Forget II created because my upload limit had reached a critical point.

    But does it really matters how many hits you get?
    Sometimes I look at what I have been writing since 2009.
    I just shake my head…
    I wish you the best in 2016.

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