The Magnificent Seven

At first I believed that the next picture was taken in autumn 1941 at No. 6 SFTS Dunnville, Ontario.

That’s what I believed looking at the Irvin jackets and the planes in the background.

But I was not sure…

I first believed this because there were no information about when and where this picture was taken.

This picture might seems to ordinary people an ordinary photograph of ordinary airmen posing for an ordinary photographer.


It’s not.

Someone’s father is there and she was trying to find out where her Dad was and when he was there.

So I started looking.

Flight Lieutenant James Evans Jenkins, who later was posted in the Middle East and later in England flying Hawker Typhoon, was stationed at Dunnville in 1941, so I figured he was there.

But there was something what was bugging me.

The planes in the background were Tiger Moths.

No. 6 SFTS Dunnville was flying Yales and Harvards.

I now believe we have seven New-Zealanders recruits training in 1941 at No. 3 Harewood in New-Zeland.

Part of the story is already here on this blog.

I tried to find more about New-Zealanders who were pilots in WWII to see if I could fine the rest of the Magnificent Seven.

This is what I found on Wikipedia.

I think we are missing someone and six others New-Zealanders.

To be continued…

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