Logbooks tell all

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This is the author’s introduction,

From an early age in life I have been interested in aviation and military aviation in particular. Being born in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and having a grandfather that fought with the Dutch Forces in WW2, this era has always been an important part in my life. For quite some years now, I have been collecting aviation memorabilia, with a main interest in the exploits of the Royal Air Force during World War II. They paid an immense price for our freedom and deserve our gratitude. Having moved to Lincolnshire, UK, several years ago, better known as “Bomber County”, it brought me closer to ‘where it all happened’. I live on the outskirts of the old RAF Waltham these days and have a few friends that have actually been there.

Log Books are the summum of my collection. To me, these are very personal documents which tell a tale of one particular person’s experiences. I therefor decided to build this website in order to share some of these ‘stories’. I hope you will enjoy them.


One thought on “Logbooks tell all

  1. Today I came across a piece of information that stunned me. I was told that the mystery of the sinking of the HMS Athabaskan was created because of the ship actually being sunk by US forces during WWII rather than by a German Navy ship like all seem to believe. The secrecy created over it was done because of the large number of deaths as a result of the friendly fire. According to my unnamed source (because I forgot to ask him his name) came from a navigator who flew up and down the channel in a Mosquito fighter airplane on a daily basis in protection of the small vessels that were in constant peril from both enemy and friendly fire as they made their trips over to Europe keeping continual supplies headed to the troops who were fighting their way across Europe by then. I was suprised at how well he looked for a man of his years and how clear his mind was at the same time. He is one of those individuals we occasionally hear about who is in perfect health at age 88 and easily makes the trip to the doctor’s office on his own without the need for help from anyone else. I met a fellow of 94 last summer who once lived in my same apartment building 60 years earlier and came to snoop. He still sold boat parts for a living down at the annual boat show in Toronto. and when he told me he was 94, I could not believe that anyone could stiill think the wartime story was the truth. In any case, it was this navigator’s clarity that prompted me to check out his supposed story of how the HMS Athabaska really sank. He simply said that his superiors told everyone who had heard the stories to stop there and learn the truth. It was a case of “Changing the story because the story did not fit the facts.” In other words, he said the Americans really sank the HMS athabaskan from the air as the made the run along the channel planning to eject their bombs as they were requested not to do. The HMCS Athabaskan just happened to be in the way and not a threat to the German ships. While this warrants more research, I have to say I trust this gentleman’s mind since he was there. I was not there and so I cannot go on anything other than what people tell me or what I read but be assured I will definitely try and learn more.

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