HMCS Regina revisited once more

These are the two other monuments John Hawley took pictures of on his trip to England.

I told John we could send them to the Canadian Virtual War Memorial site since they have almost nothing on those five sailors except this.

Some relatives must have sent those.

So we just have to fill in the form like those relatives did and hope for the best. 

It would be a way to reach out for relatives.

It’s worth a try…

As a footnote, life was not that easy on a Corvette during WWII.

You just have to read the article I posted on my other blog Remembering HMCS Regina.

I wrote an article with links about two other sailors so it’s easy to imagine how rough it was for those five sailors who gave their lives for their country.

When John Hawley asked me for my help, I felt I had to do something.

And the thing I do best is to write… and search like corvettes did during WWII.

Search for survivors and save them or search for U-Boats and destroy them.

War is hell.

Sailors from both camps had to kill each other in order to survive…

Some never came back.

Those who came back never forgot… and most never talked about it.


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