Rememberance Week: You can write to me by clicking here

Sherry Pringle wrote me yesterday, but she had written to me before. Sherry is the author of All the Ship’s Men.


She found me while visiting this blog in 2009 which at the start was only written in French.

Michael LeBlanc wrote a comment last Friday on my blog about 425 Alouette Squadron. He wrote this…

Hello all readers,

I am the son of a veteran of 425 Sqdn.

Only ground crew but a member from the beginning to the end. I am heir to his personal ‘war’ diary (and other documents) from 1943-1945, a fantastic war period album collection especially for the ’331 ‘Wing period in North Africa, and don’t know what to do with all of this.

I believe it should be shared.

Michael Moores LeBlanc

Michael sent me all of his father’s pictures taken in North Africa. His father was a member of the ground crew.

Michael also sent me this last personal e-mail…

I know he won’t mind if I share it also with you…

I believe it should be shared.

Hello Pierre,

Just sent you what I have for the 331 Wing period.
Trust you will give full photo credit to Cpl John ‘Roly’ LeBlanc, RCAF.
All his life, he was very proud of 425 Sqdn, instilled in me his respect and reverence for aircrew and till he died, was deeply devoted to the Royal Canadian Legion and good works by that society.
He was a good man.

Cpl John ‘Roly’ LeBlanc, RCAF

There is more to come this week to pay homage to his father Cpl John ‘Roly’ LeBlanc, RCAF and also to someone else related to his father…


2 thoughts on “Rememberance Week: You can write to me by clicking here

  1. Picture athabaskan G07 “”
    3rd man from the left front row is Edward Calderwood Hinds born July 22, 1904
    Irvine, Ayr, Scotland. Emigrated to Canada 1930. RCNVR 1941 was not on board when
    Athabaskan was torpedoed. Died in Canada 1967.

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