Fairey Battle anecdote

My friend Thibaut in Belgium wrote me…

Hi Pierre, full of Battles on Paulson airfield !!!

That made me remember that a Canadian Veteran is now in Brussels.

In May 1940, the Belgian Air Force used the Fairey Battle but that aircraft was already obsolescent and the fact the Battles operated in a sky controlled by the German Lutwaffe leaded to disastrous raids by Belgian and British Battles on the bridges of Veldwezelt and Vroenhoven. The results was six aircraft shotdown on a total of nine sent to attack the bridges.

The Army Museum in Brussels intended to acquire aircrafts used by the Belgian Air Force in 1940.

The presence of a Fairey Battle in Brussels is so a small miracle…

and the Battle was…


The Fairey Battle R3950 was build in 1939 by Austin Motors in Longbridge (UK).

The aircraft was delivered to Canada on April, 7th 1941 (RCAF 1899) and used until February 16th, 1945 to be sold to Mr MacDonald in Alberta. In 1970, the aircraft was acquired by Tony Vollwho planned to restore the aircraft to airworthy condition. Sold in 1972 to the Strathallan Collection and later to Charles Chrurch in 1987. Loaned to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford and painted as HA-L in 1988, later sold to Historic Aircraft Collection and exchanged with the Army Museum in Brussels.

The Battle was delivered by a Belgian Air Force C130 H Hercules on May 3rd, 1990.

From http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Battle/FaireyBattleR3950.htm


The photo is mine, you use it as and if you want.


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