John Clark Roberts ERA 4

Someone wrote me about John Roberts who was a sailor aboard the Athabaskan.

In memory of
Engine Room Artificer
who died on April 29, 1944

Military Service:

Service Number: V/41049
Age: 22
Force: Navy
Unit: Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
Division: H.M.C.S. Athabaskan

Additional Information:

Son of James and Elizabeth Roberts, of Stratford, Ontario.

More information on the way…

Full speed ahead?


4 thoughts on “John Clark Roberts ERA 4

  1. The only thing I know is that he was an engine room artificer ERA.

    We will go from there and see what else can pop out.

    With his niece’s permission I will post articles using her e-mail and some pictures she has.

    Full speed ahead? You know me…

    Remember when I found the sailor who was on board HMS Glorious.

    One day that story will be told but not by me.It belongs to his relatives.

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