A day in the life of Jean-Paul Corbeil: part 1

Mr. Corbeil is a veteran of 425 Alouette.

He lent me his scrapbook so I could scan all the everyday life pictures the navigator Pierre Gauthier took.

This one is not one of them.

Mr. Corbeil is in Manitoba.

He wrote this caption…

MacDonald Manitoba No. 3 B & G only gunner to come back alive after the war

Mr. Corbeil is on the left in the second row.

I know you want to know more about Mr. Corbeil.

Jean-Paul Corbeil and Pierre Gauthier


8 thoughts on “A day in the life of Jean-Paul Corbeil: part 1

  1. Je comprends maintenant ta passion pour l’aviation. Bonnes photos. Je n’en reviens pas.
    Quand on dit qu’une photo vaut mille mots, elle vaut certainement une histoire.
    Les plus beaux discours sont ceux qui contiennent une histoire.

  2. C’est pourquoi je grinche des dents quand je vois les politiciens aller poser des fleurs sur les cénotaphes le 11 novembre.

    Ce sont eux en premier qui commencent les guerres que les valeureux soldats, aviateurs et marins qui perdent leur vie ou leur jeunesse.

  3. Just watched a tv show on the Lancaster bomber and a few of the missions they were involved in . Still can’t believe how brave those men were and how much we owe to them.

  4. Mr. Corbeil flew his 33 missions on a Handley Page Halifax. 425 converted to Lancasters in May 1945.

    Mr. Corbeil ended his tour in October 1944 and was posted in Mont-Joli with No. 9 B&G school. He is still alive and tomorrow we are going to see for the second time his friend Pep who was a tail gunner on the same plane. I wrote many articles on this crew and I posted a movie on that crew also.

  5. My Grand-father, Frank Philpott, who passed last year, was also part of 425 squadron. He told me of his friend Alex, who I met when I was very young (before I can remember) was the only surviving gunner of the war. Not sure if this means anything 🙂

    Love your blog. I would love to know if you’ve ever found anything that mentioned my grandfather.


      1. Everything about where he was is in the logbook.
        This logbook is a very precious document.
        It must be preserved at all costs whenever someone will want to find something about him.
        This is how I work with like I am doing on my other blog about 23 Squadron.


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