He is my brother. I have more info for your site.

Eddy’s daughter found my blog on the Internet and told her dad.

Hi cousin!

Glad to hear from you.

I have lots of pictures of Laurent in my Picasa site and will send them to you. (We called him Larry or Joe mostly).

I have a copy of the letter from the Squadron Aumonier in French and will send a copy in another email as to how he died and names, etc. of  his mates.

My daughter Sharon found your sites and sent me links.

More later.

EDDY to my friends instead of Adelard.

Eddy was all excited and so was I.

We are cousins, well 5th cousins… but cousins anyway.

When I posted my article on Laurent Dubois, I searched for his ancestors because his mother maiden name was Sauvé just like my mother’s.

All Sauvés are descendants of Pierre Sauvé and Marie Michel Michaud. You see, my other passion is genealogy, so it was not hard connecting with Eddy and Laurent.

Here are the pictures Eddy sent me of Laurent. He told me they called him Larry and I could post them on my blog.

Larry Dubois

425 Alouette air gunner

Larry’s obituary

Killed: P/O Laurent (Larry) Dubois, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dubois of Vaudreuil, Que, was killed in England on December 18 and was buried in Yorkshire on December 21, his parents have been informed. A requiem mass was held at Vaudreuil this week for the airman, a former employee of T. Eaton Company Limited who joined the air force in 1940 and went overseas in December 1943. He was to have been married in February. He is survived by his two brothers Adelard and Maurice Dubois; and three sisters, Mrs. M. Lacroix, Mrs. M. Lecavalier and Miss Claudette Dubois.

Next time more pictures.

Eddy going to Bermuda


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