Philippe Rousseau 1921-1944

This is Philippe Rousseau’s headstone…

Lieutenant Paratrooper
Philippe Rousseau
Killed in combat
Normandie, June 1944

Someone posted it on the Internet.

This headstone is in his hometown, probably in Montmagny where the Rousseau brothers lived.

This is what I found about Philippe on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial…

In memory of
who died on June 7, 1944

Military Service:

Age: 23
Force: Army
Unit: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, R.C.I.C.

Additional Information:

Son of J. M. A. L. and Gabrielle Fafard Rousseau, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.



Calvados, France

Grave Reference: VA. G. 8.

On the site we have a photograph of Philippe.

Lieutenant Philippe Rousseau

This is the headstone in France.

The bottom part of the epitaph says…

Ses vingt ans sont tombés sur le sol immortel d’où jaillirent ses aieux.

In English, it can be translated by…

His twenty years of life have fallen on the immortal ground of his ancestors…

I will start reading Gary’s book about the battalion when I receive it in the mail, probably today.

Come back next time, I will talk about Philippe’s brother and how sometimes what you find on the Internet is not always right…

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