Gary’s book is in the mail…

I got a notice from Canada Post…

The book is in the mail.

I just can’t wait to read it.

People who bought the book say it is great.

“I am so glad to get your book. I ordered five from the publishing co. in Victoria. I ordered 2 at first, one for me and one for my son in Japan; and then all my grandsons wanted a copy so I must say it was worth it. You did a wonderful job of it. I know my Joe is in history. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I love all the stories and I knew quite a few from the reunions, especially Earl Rice. He was in the reserve with Joe. Joe ended up becoming a major. The boys loved calling him SIR. THANK YOU AGAIN, YOU DID A SUPERB BOOK, I LOVE IT.”
— Pauline, Canada

“I loved every page of the book. I love regimental histories, but to hear the stories in the words of the actual participants was very refreshing and very entertaining. A must for anyone interested in Canadian military history.”
— Andrew, Canada

“Gary, nice book, enjoyed reading it.”
— Thomas, Canada

“Yes I got your book and am reading it each night. An incredible amount of work has gone into it. As soon as the election is over I’ll give you a plug or two. I’m still reading it and enjoying it very much and plan on giving you a plug very shortly.”
— Lowell Green, Ottawa, Canada (Radio talk show host)

“I find your writing makes for most enjoyable reading and am surprised at the thoroughness of information. You certainly have done you homework in preparing for this endeavour – congratulations again! I can honestly appreciate the amount of effort you must have put into it Gary from how well you have put it down for us to read.”
— Robby, Canada (1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Veteran)

“Yes, I have read through the book (sporadically), and really enjoyed it….those guys were awesome! I think I’ll read a section at a time, “when the mood strikes.” My aunt (Larry’s wife) was absolutely overjoyed to receive it. She called me just before Xmas. She told me that she knows about 90% of the men in the book from meetings over the years. She was going to spend her Xmas week reading it from cover to cover, and it was the best Xmas present she could receive… Again, thanks for this book….really a “labour of love!””
— Rick, Canada

“And, just to let you know, my brother Scott absolutely LOVED the book, which won me the prize for the best Christmas gift in his family this year! I’m also looking forward to reading it.”
— Elizabeth, Canada

“Three of the books will be given as Christmas presents to my nephews. I’m not sure I can say this correctly. Because this is an oral history the words are my Dad’s, and I hear him so plainly. It is so special and sometimes, when I want him close I reread that part of your book, and remember many other times with him. Thank you, for taking the time to write the book.”
— Phyllis, Canada

“Anyway, I’ve started reading the book and all I can say is GREAT!!! You’ve done a magnificent job of editing. As I read it I’m looking back at my own experiences and find that we were all alike….mostly young, thrill seeking, wondering what was in store for us and, generally, having a ball. I’ll get back to you after I’ve read a bit more. Again, thank you for sending it to me, and it reads wonderfully well.”
— Bill, USA (1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Veteran)

“Your book turned out to be a tremendous amount of work and it took me some time to read it all. It never left the table so I could read it at every opportunity. It is a tremendous source of information. I even learned most of the names of those in Marcel Cote’s stick. Some years ago I received information from the Brit. FOO who was in that stick who wrote what happened to him and how he was finally captured, but I never knew any of the names of those he jumped with. Thank you for a terrific undertaking. We will promote in our newsletter and wherever we can. Well done!”
— Jan de Vries, President, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Association

“I presented the book to Eldon at his farewell party yesterday, as he was relating some of his war stories from Europe. He was excited and teary as I told him that it was a 10-year labour of love for you to record the oral history from the men and women who made it history.”
— Jonathan, Canada

“I’m reading your book, it is really a good book.”
— Lydia, The Netherlands

“Great book Gary – hats off to you!”
— Pat, Canada

“I gave him the book and showed him the writing on the inside cover by yourself. He is very delighted that someone, such as yourself, has taken the time and interest to honour and remember the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. He actually started to go over your book and he remembers a lot of the people whose names have been mentioned. I sat with him at his bed side and I could see it in his eyes that this book brought him much joy as he read about each member’s recollections from the past. He actually started to laugh at some of them as he remembered each person’s personality of what they must have been like back then. I also will read your book after my dad and I will let you know my thoughts. I’m sure they will be good thoughts and I can say on behalf of my dad that your book has scored high marks with him. On behalf of my father and myself, thanks once again Gary for remembering the past and bringing it to others with your book.”
— Randy, Canada

“By the way, very good book”
— Jeroen, The Netherlands

“I just completed reading “Boys Of The Clouds” and I must congratulate you on an outstanding book. I found the book to be thoroughly entertaining and totally engrossing, a real “can’t put it down” type of book. I really enjoyed reading the personal stories of all the paratroopers and the commitment and pride they felt was very evident. Thanks for a great book and keep up the good work.”
— Gerry, Canada

“Hi Gary, I had talked about doing the same type of thing but am so pleased you actually did it!!!! Congratulations!!!! Well done!!!!!”
— Chuck, Canada

“I have just got a copy of this book and must say it is a refreshing change from traditional history books. The first hand accounts make for a compelling and emotional read. My complements to the author for an amazing effort!”
— John, Canada

“Feedback on “Boys of the Clouds”. First of all, thank you for sending and autographing it. It will have an honoured space on my bookshelf. Being able to read the personal stories was so interesting. All in all, a wonderful experience to read this book. Again thank you for writing it and making it available to me.”
— Pat, New Zealand

“I will be on the lookout for your book, and congratulations on a job well done.”
— Dr. Patricia Skidmore, Canadian Oral History Association

“Your book is great. I will be posting a very positive review to our group later this week and will work to get a link up on the web site within the next round of updates.”
— Ted, USA

I can’t wait to read it…

Next time I will tell you all about the Rousseau brothers who were part of that battalion.

They will never have a chance to read the book.

If you want to share something with me about the battalion, you can reach me by clicking here…