I saw my wife’s uncle last Saturday…

We had another family reunion in Monkland near Cornwall last Saturday.

My wife’s uncle was there with his two daughters. He is the reason why I have been writing this blog since August…

This is the first article.

If you have been reading most of my articles, then you know how many people helped me in my quest.

My wife’s uncle has changed a lot since August when he briefly talked about the Athabaskan. He looked very weak and frail. His mind was sharp though.

My brother-in-law had found a box of old pictures. Everyone wanted to look at them. Pierre could identify everyone, and I mean everyone. He even recognized an old flame and said he would marry her on the spot…

He also talked about his brother Jean who was wounded on the beaches of Normandy. Jean was with les Fusiliers de Mont-Royal. I told Pierre that Les Fusiliers did not took part in the invasion but landed in Europe in July.

He was adamant about it and told me how is brother was wounded when he set foot on the beach. As I see it Jean was loaned somehow to le Régiment de la Chaudière and was wounded on the beach.

As I told you a long time ago, Pierre’s name was not in the list of sailors who were on board the Athabaskan on April 29, 1944.

Well, I can tell you that if this man says he was aboard the Athabaskan that night, then he was aboard that night.

HMCS Athabaskan G07

I know he does not want to talk about his ordeal, but I know now I am certain of what he went through that night.

Now that I know all there is to know about my wife’s uncle, this might be my last article… If I were you, I would come back tomorrow…

Lest we forget…



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