17/18 December 1944

Jean Charles Labrecque was just another RCAF airman who gave his life for his country.

I wanted to learn more about W.O. Labrecque and how he died.

And I found this.

17/18 December 1944


523 aircraft –

418 Halifaxes, 8 Lancasters, 24 Mosquitos – of Nos 4, 6 and 8 Groups.
8 Halifaxes lost.
Duisburg was badly hit again.


317 Lancasters and 13 Mosquitos of Nos 1 and 8 Groups.
2 Lancasters lost.
This was Bomber Command’s first and only raid on Ulm, an old city but also the home of 2 large lorry factories – Magirius-Deutz and Kässbohrer – several other important industries and some military barracks and depots. 1,449 tons of bombs were dropped during the 25-minute raid, starting in the centre and then creeping back to the west, across the industrial and railway areas and out into the country. The Gallwitz Barracks and several military hospitals were among 14 Wehrmacht establishments destroyed.


280 Lancasters and 8 Mosquitos of No 5 Group.
4 Lancasters lost.
Bomber Command claimed ‘severe and widespread damage’ in the old centre of Munich and at railway targets.

44 Mosquitos to Hanau (a ‘spoof’ raid), 26 to Münster and 5 to Hallendorf, 44 RCM sorties, 50 Mosquito patrols.
No aircraft lost.

Total effort for the night: 1,310 sorties, 14 aircraft (1.1 per cent) lost.

Jean Charles Labrecque was most probably in one of the planes shot down over Duisburg that night…


There is something strange though.

Buried in England!

Jean Charles Labrecque
28 July 1916 – 18 December 1944


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