Now we are going somewhere…

Take a look at this…

It’s Louis Ledoux aboard the Athabaskan.

Louis was an Able Seaman. This is the whole picture.

This is part of the crew manning X turret.  Turrets X and Y were aft of the ship.

Both turrets were destroyed first in the attack.

Louis must have been killed instantly.

Another of Louis’ nephew wrote me. His name is Louis in honour of his uncle.

He told me he met his cousin this weekend and he was going to give me more information about this picture…

One thought on “Now we are going somewhere…

  1. My uncle Maurice Waitson was also on X guns and classified as MPD.
    I recently had a book published titled “All The Ship’s Men” HMCS Athabaskan’s Untold Stories by Vanwell.

    Book is available through Chapters and Indigo, the war Museum in Ottawa as of Nov/2010 and independent stores in Eastern Ontario, the Maritime Command Museum and Maritime Mus of the Atlantic in Halifax. The book,a collection of personal tales of the sailors on board the ship on her final mission, was launched from the flight deck of the current Athabaskan on June 30th, 2010.

    Sherry Pringle

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