My wife’s cousin wrote me again about her father and the Athabaskan…

I had told her that I did not want to bother her with the story of Athabaskan.

I can be quite obsessive sometimes.

Hi Pierre,

You don’t cause me any problems, it’s a real pleasure to dive into history.  On the contrary, I’m deeply grateful because I now know a lot more about my father’s involment in the war..

Yesterday, while talking to dad, I noticed that he was a little bit confused, consciously or unconsciously; this disurbs him.  I decided that I was to respect that.  On the other hand, I bought with me the picture you gave me of the crew of the Athabaskan taken in April 1944. He recognized someone. He is the sailor in the middle between the two cannons in the third row; he is chubby. He did not recall his name, but he recalls his nickname: “Thin”… something like that.  He met him once after the year.

He was happy to see the picture and I promised him to print a copy.

I started looking for pictures of my dad…  When I am done, I will contact you again.

Have a nice day.

This is “Thin…”



I wonder if my wife’s uncle had a nickname on the Athabaskan…

When I look at that picture, I think of all those brave men who gave their lives for their country and all those who survided the war but have to live now with their memories of the sinking.

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2 thoughts on “Thin…

  1. One sailor in the Thin photo is a neighbor’s son. His name is Jack Edwards- he was picked up by an American destroyer three days after the sinking.

    I was a child of eight years old, and his sister was my best friend. A telegram came saying lost at sea, then two weeks later another telegram came saying he was in a New York Hospital.

    He is the sailor next to the second gun, to the right with a tilted hat, and a grin on his face. He passed away in 2002, in Edmonton, Alberta.

  2. From a reader…

    My dad, Captain (E) Ralph W. Edwards, aged 95, served on the old Sally with Ernie Mills, who was lost on the Athabascan. The other day he and I were going through some old photos and I came across one of the Sally’s ERA’s at a Christmas party in 1941, the picture of course including Ernie Mills, a very close friend of dad’s. Under the picture was a note written by Ernie to dad about friendship, and how important friends were to Ernie. I know this doesn’t directly relate to Athabascan, but would the photo and the note be of interest?

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